Get a ‘Boujee Beard’ with Entrepreneur Eugene “Geno” Bowie’s New Product Line

“Your beard is one of a kind, make it a boujee beard.”

A fitting slogan for a continuous trend among men growing a beard around the world today; Boujee Beard is an essential product line that’s here to stay. Men today, more than ever, take grooming to another level and ‘Boujee Beard’ will accentuate your beard game and provide all the essential ingredients to keep it healthy, vibrant and of course, boujee.

Geno started his own line of products because he saw that there was something missing in the industry. He wanted to make a product that gave beards the luster and feel it deserved and one that was affordable. The idea started at home where he first made his homemade solution. Seeing that it was a success, he decided to start his own line with the support of his partner, Dr. Nicholas Bratcher .

“Nicholas suggested that I start selling my own line of products, one that could help others who experienced the same issues I did with other products on the market.”

One of the keys of starting a successful business is solving problems. Geno saw an opportunity and capitalized on it. That’s the first step, and another essential step is presentation. How you present yourself and your products is key. Potential customers should always see you at the top of your game when you are trying to sell them something. And this is an ideal Geno takes to heart.

“Presentation is key, you only get one opportunity to present yourself. For my customers with growing beards, I hope my line of products gives them a rewarding experience after each use.”

Having an African American Owned business and having the support from other African American’s is indispensable. African Americans’ buying power exceeds two-trillion dollars per year, but most times we spend our money in other businesses outside of our community and ones that are not black owned. This is a vicious and detrimental cycle that harms scores of black businesses per year, especially now during the pandemic. Geno fully understands the ramifications if Blacks do not support their own.

As a collective, we as African Americans’ lack representation almost everywhere and that’s partly due to a lack of support from our own…we are not represented the most despite being one of the biggest consumers in America. It is important that we support each another with black businesses and keep our dollar circulating within our own communities.

Geno’s journey toward establishing his own product line is truly inspirational. He saw a need in the industry and filled in the gap. He promptly took action and never gave up until his vision came to fruition. In his spare time, he attends events where he educates others on the importance of entrepreneurship and creating a life of fulfillment.

“Stay consistent, and don’t let anyone stop you. Most importantly, stay away from negativity and surround yourself with like-minded people.”

CEO/Owner of Boujee Brands: Eugene Bowie

Visit Geno’s Website at

IG: @Boujeebeardsllc

Facebook: Boujee Beard

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